Health, Safety and Environment Program (HSE) 

Management and Leadership Commitment
Management will use its best efforts to provide all required mechanical, physical and administrative facilities to ensure that the personal safety and health on Dexcent Inc. job sites are kept with the highest industry standards possible.

Health, Safety and Environmental Program (“HSE Program”)
Dexcent Inc. believes that all incidents of occupational injuries, illness, property and environmental damage are preventable through proactive management and communication. Dexcent Inc. will lead and manage an HSE Program and ensure it is carried out at every job site where Dexcent Inc. is performing work. The HSE Program will conform to programs, policies, practices, and procedures of this type of organization and assume client’s practices and procedures should they exceed Dexcent Inc.’s.

All management, supervisors, employees, visitors, and clients must comply with this HSE Program at locations where Dexcent Inc. is primarily responsible for health and safety. Any locations wherein the client holds the primary health and safety responsibility, our management, supervisors, employees, and visitors will also comply with that client’s health and safety program.

The objective of Dexcent Inc. HSE Program is to reduce the number of incidents, injuries, illnesses and environmental impact to the absolute minimum – Zero Incidents, Injuries, and Environmental Impact.

Our HSE Program will include:

  • Mechanical and physical safeguards to the maximum degree possible.
  • Maintaining compliance with all regulatory and client requirements.
  • Communication techniques of possible safety hazards for employees, contractors, and visitors.
  • Training and support for all employees and contractors of good health and safety practices and procedures.
  • Supplying all employees, contractors, and visitors with the necessary personal protective equipment (“PPE”) with the required knowledge for the use and care.
  • Outline company expectations of employees, contractors, and visitors.

Dexcent Inc. recognizes that the responsibilities for health and safety are shared with all. However further specific responsibilities are as follows:

Senior Leadership

  • Ensure leadership and coordination of the HSE Program for its effectiveness and continuous improvement.
  • Provide the safeguards that are required to ensure safe working conditions.


  • Develop and mold company safety culture.
  • Develop positive attitudes toward health and safety in themselves and all employees that they supervise.
  • Ensure all operations are performed with the greatest regard to environmental impact and the health and safety for all employees.
  • Ensure all employees, contractors and visitors under their supervision have been trained, competent and orientated to work in a safe and responsible manner.


  • Genuine cooperation, participation, and attitude with respect to company HSE Program, including:
  • Compliance with all rules, regulations, practices, and procedures;
  • The utilize and maintain appropriate PPE; • To accept and utilize all training provided by Dexcent Inc.;
  • Report all unsafe work conditions and incidents immediately to their supervisor.

Statement of Authority
This Heath, Safety and Environmental Program (“HSE Program”) manual outlines the organization and systems which will be utilized by Dexcent Inc. in order to ensure that all work completed by Dexcent Inc. meets or exceeds the necessary requirements of the current codes, standards and regulations together with the client specifications and necessities.

The senior management of Dexcent Inc. is in full support of this HSE Program and will ensure that adequate resources are available to ensure the effective implementation of the HSE Program, including but not limited to trained personnel. Senior management will administer the program as outlined in the HSE manual. All company members will have well-defined responsibilities as well as the authority and organizational freedom to identify, intimate, recommend and provide solutions for any safety issues. Any issues in the HSE that cannot be resolved through the designated channels outlined in this manual are to be brought to the attention of the safety department and company management for resolution.

Organizational Chart and Position Descriptions
Company Organizational Chart
Dexcent Inc. will maintain an inventory of all occupations and jobs in Dexcent Inc. will be established and verified in accordance with the organizational chart. The organizational chart shall be kept simple and accurately reflect the structure, size, and makeup of the entire company. The most current version of the organizational chart will be available through the Safety Sync software application.

The chain of command will accurately be reflected in the chart design and identify all administrative areas and jobs within Dexcent Inc. as well as the various departments, causal or part-time employees. Position titles will be verifiable and the number of the various positions/trades in each department will be defined if necessary. If applicable the chart will also indicate the appropriate shifts.

Position Descriptions and Responsibilities
Job descriptions and responsibilities for all the jobs that are involved in the operation and administration will be prepared

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