We take pride in transforming industrial operations to optimize business performance and deliver bottom-line results

Our solutions create a safer, more productive, better informed workforce.

Our Solutions

Founded in 2006, Dexcent Inc. (Dexcent) is an engineering consulting firm that provides a range of specialized solutions for clients in a variety of industries throughout the world. Our professionals have modernized IT and OT engineering methodologies into comprehensive solutions, specializing in information analytics, cyber security, infrastructure, and control systems engineering.

Dexcent clients use Tripwire Security Software to leverage their data collection investment to support effective decisions by delivering actionable intelligence to the business and operational decision makers.

Our Partners solution is tailored into multiple key-practice areas that truly help our clients transform their business and industrial operations, such as:

File Integrity & Change Monitoring: Automatically assesses and prioritizes detected changes with real-time data and security automation. 

Vulnerability & Risk Management: Improve your security by identifying risk that you need to remediate by combining business context with vulnerability intelligence. 

    The Siemens XHQ Operations Intelligence platform is a key component in the Dexcent drive to deliver device to dashboard process automation support. Dexcent clients use Siemens XHQ Operations Intelligence software to leverage their data collection investment to support effective decision making by delivering actionable intelligence to the business and operational decision makers.
    The Siemens XHQ platform is the global premier data visualization platform, in use in over six hundred refining, petrochemical processing, and upstream operational facilities around the globe. The XHQ Operations Intelligence product aggregates, relates, and presents operational and business data in real-time to improve enterprise performance. By aggregating and contextualizing data from historian databases, enterprise ERPs, ODBC data sources, and document management systems into a single, browser-based visualization platform, Siemens XHQ provides a single source of collaborative information visible to everyone, regardless of location.

      The cornerstone to Dexcent’s advanced analytics framework is the OSIsoft PI System. OSIsoft is the global leader in time-series historian data repositories and operational data management. The OSIsoft PI System is a highly scalable, enterprise level suite of software products used for the collection, historization, analysis, and visualization of operational time series data from process and asset intelligence. 

      Dexcent clients use the PI System because of its unique ability to consistently, reliably, and accurately collect massive volumes of high-fidelity data, from any source, and transform the data in the actionable information that leads business transformation. The ability to easily handle large data volumes is coupled with the ability to execute calculations in excess of 110,000 evaluations per second while simultaneously processing 20,000,000 records for analysis provides peace of mind that your needs will never exceed what OSIsoft can deliver.

      We're Obsessed with Process Automation

      We admit it, we’re obsessed. We’re obsessed with Process Automation, specifically Visualization. We think about your data and how valuable that information is, the story it tells; what is happening and what will happen. We're obsessed with how to use that data to provide information driven solutions in your visualization platforms. Subscribe to receive monthly articles to find our more on what we are obsessed about.