Managed Industrial Operation Services

Our Managed Services model ensures a smooth transition of the clients’ systems from a project environment to an operational environment in a disciplined and managed manner ensuring continuous operativity and improvement.

Challenges within Managed Services

Operational processes can produce many valuable indicators that can lead to improvements in process and cost optimization while preventing outages that can affect production and safety. If it can be monitored, it can be analyzed, reported on, responded to, and managed. The art of the science lays in our approach to the use of data to create information and the expertise to provide prescriptive outcomes based on that information, that will result in process optimization, cost reductions, and proactive management of threats to operations and safety.

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Service Description 

Dexcent, with its experience and vast portfolio of services spread across many industries, various service lines including industrial control, cyber security, and analytics & information, has the necessary capabilities to deliver services in a managed mode locally or remotely.

Client Benefit #1

Our managed services, under specific SLA’s, will extend the life and performance of your system by scheduling specific activities to monitor the health and operativity of your system and ensuring all relevant critical functionality and security patches and updates are applied in a timely manner.

Client Benefit #2

Dexcent’s managed services recognizes information delivery is paramount for improved efficiency, and, as a result, it ensures proper monitoring and definition of tasks to ensure the system meets and exceeds the desired operational targets.

Client Benefit #3

Dexcent’s managed services can monitor and manage your Cyber Security infrastructure components at a more cost-effective way, while maintaining skilled resources for several clients at the same time.

Modern industrial control and automation systems need to be regularly monitored, maintained, and updated with vendor supplied patches and updates.

Dexcent's Advantage: Dexcent’s familiarity with a wide range of different brands of industrial control systems allows our team to continue providing services after major project work are completed to help extend the lifespan of the systems in operation.

Basic Maintenance Services

Ensure the mission critical system in operations is properly monitored, maintained, and supported. There may have been multiple vendors involved in developing and putting in operation the mission critical system.

Client will need help in maintaining this system optimally. Basic maintenance services will include maintenance and technical support services required for items arising from the normal use of the system consisting of the OEM vendor related items and third-party suppliers.


We have a team that are familiar with different brands of mission critical systems and are well positioned to work with OEM vendors and third-party suppliers to properly diagnose the issues and hand, prioritize and escalate, and bring to resolution solutions for problems seen.

Additional Professional Services

Ensure there is adequate professional capacity to provide extended support and services to extend the capability and use of the mission critical system. Extended support services will include database expansion/resizing, performance optimization, database/data backup and recovery, system configuration, application of patches and updates. During updates, configuration may have to be moved forward from existing configuration to meet new requirements.


We have worked in this environment for many years and have gained a comprehensive set of skills to work on “production” mission critical systems. We understand the value of extending the capabilities of the system to extend its lifespan. Our services will include troubleshooting, installation of maintenance patches, “patch validation, testing and verification”, adding additional functionality, assisting in expansion of the system, system and data backup operations, disaster recovery and data recovery, testing of backups and validation, technical consulting services, and on-site professional services.

Scheduled Monitoring and Maintenance

Ensure that the system is performing optimally. Scheduled and planned maintenance is paramount for mission critical systems.

This will include functionality and performance/reliability/loading monitoring.


We are well positioned to provide these services. In fact, we have been providing these services since our inception back in 2006. We provide a scheduled site visit to monitor and perform preventive maintenance followed by recommendations to bring the system to its optimal performance levels.


Developing and maintaining the Cyber Security skills to monitor, administer and maintain Cyber Security technology infrastructure and services can be a daunting challenge which often comes at great expense staffing these roles with contract resources or inexperienced resources that need extended training before they become effective in their role. Further complications that leads to higher costs and can introduce service level issues are the challenge of maintaining skills levels and retaining these resources.

Dexcent's Advantage: Dexcent has real time experience supporting our clients with ongoing day-to-day operational activities in their OT infrastructure.

Infrastructure Component Services Management

Day-to-day monitoring or managing changes to Cyber Security infrastructure components (e.g. Firewalls rules, Intrusion detection systems policies, Malware Detection, Gateways and Proxy servers, authentication systems, etc.)


Dexcent has skilled resources that can help you with maintaining, changing and monitoring Cyber Security infrastructure components. This services can be delivered on site, and potentially more cost effectively and in an extended services window, if secured remote access is available, so we can deliver this from our Security Operations Centre environment.

Periodic Network Scanning and Analysis

Regular network assets scanning and management (identify new or unauthorized assets, vulnerabilities and missing patches or malware updates).


Dexcent has access to technology that we can use during one-off or periodic Network assessments or OT asset discovery exercises. However deploying these or similar technology solutions to monitor and discover your own assets and vulnerabilities ongoing are normally a better value proposition. Dexcent can offer ongoing monitoring and management of these solutions to provide you with close to real-time insight to issues or threats and help with remediation and response.

Select Vendor Product Support (Tier-1)

Dexcent can provide tier-1 product support for vendor products for which we are a registered reseller of the technology.


Dexcent acquires vendor training to perform design, deploy, and support technology products that we resell and implement for our clients. We offer various levels of managed services to compliment technology deployment projects, at a minimum providing local Tier-1 support for the vendor product components with extended support covered under the vendor maintenance agreement by the vendor support services teams.

Incident Monitoring

Dexcent can help you select and implement or integrate Cyber Security event monitoring solutions for your OT infrastructure. To compliment the solution and based on your needs we can offer first line monitoring of your environment on an ongoing basis freeing up your resources to deal with higher priority tasks and manage incident response and remediation as and when identified.


With the appropriate Cyber Security event monitoring and management technology in place in your infrastructure, Dexcent can provide Tier-1 monitoring and analysis of cyber security events detected in your environment. We can help you design and implement the fit for purpose solutions or build this service on existing infrastructure capability you have previously obtained and implemented.

Think | Automate | Secure   

Providing OT/ICS leaders with the insight needed to make effective decisions with complex business processes in a secure, worry-free way.


We think about your data, the technologies you have, and the stories they tell of what is happening, what can happen and what has happened. We create insight so you can make effective data driven decisions.


We automate complex OT/ICS business processes by understanding the operational risks, management of change realities and compliance subtleties that are important to you for achieving better outcomes in keeping people, assets and the environment safe.


We secure your OT/ICS environment by identifying cyber risks early, continuously measuring your security posture for weaknesses and threats while working with you to improve your cyber resiliency year after year.

We're Obsessed with Process Automation

We admit it, we’re obsessed. We’re obsessed with creating insight, improving complex business processes and ensuring your
cyber resiliency year after year.