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Our Services

Specialized engineering EXPERTISE aimed at monitoring and optimizing industrial plant operations and business performance committed to our clients and the RELATIONSHIP BASED APPROACH USED to deliver SERVICES.
Monitoring Plant Performance. Analytics & Information

Analytics & Information

Whether the need is managing knowledge, integrating business data with operational data, or responding to new business requirements driven by market mergers and acquisitions, Dexcent’s team of professionals and its partners provide data-driven solutions resulting in a powerful advantage to their users.

  • Consulting and Assessment (PLAN)
  • Data Management (DO)
  • Visualization (DO)
  • Asset Management (DO)
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Cybersecurity with Dexcent Asset Analytics System

Cybersecurity & Infrastructure

At Dexcent, our team of experts offer cybersecurity services aligned to the safety, reliability and security objectives of your industrial and infrastructure processes.

  • Consulting and Assessment (PLAN)
  • Implementation Services (IMPLMEMENT)
  • Compliance Services (COMPLY)
  • Managed Services (MANAGE)
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Control System Engineering and Dexcent's Asset Analytics System

Control System Engineering

It is our job to help our clients understand their options and to help them evaluate, design, implement and maintain a reliable and cost effective solution.
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Managed Engineering Services

Managed Engineering Services

Dexcent offers managed services for the industrial ‘plant’ environment. Dexcent, with its experience and vast portfolio of services spread across industries and service lines, has the necessary capabilities to deliver services in a managed mode. The Dexcent Managed Engineering Services model offers a phase-wise transition of the client’s services into a managed mode, with the motto of continuous improvement. The model focuses on each and every element in detail and addresses the issues.

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