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Need help with solutions for Control Systems Engineering, Cyber Security and Infrastructure, Analytics and Information, or Managed Industrial Operation Services, in your industry? We understand the specific challenges that industrial environments face when it comes to these solution areas, and we can leverage our deep knowledge within your industry to help meet your needs.

Industry Challenges

Industry faces new challenges every day. You have collected a vast amount of data and still can’t get the information you need. You know you have the answer lays somewhere, you just can’t find or see it.

What Now?

Technological advances in industrial controls are happening faster than ever before and keeping up with them, which are good and which are not, can be a struggle. Integrated Control Systems (ICS) are key to your business and protecting them is job one but a lack of up to date knowledge of cyber-security solutions and practices can be a risk to your success. Building effective technology support teams has its own challenges.

Maintaining the team’s knowledge level of current trends and tools is a much more difficult, and endless, task. Are you finding that your go-to vendor subject matter experts, quite naturally, provide answers skewed to their product line when you ask them questions? Are you finding your internal resources are months behind in technology knowledge? Ask an Expert.

Dexcent Advantage 

Dexcent is vendor neutral engineering consultancy. We offer the best fit answer to your question based on industry knowledge, standards, and best practices – regardless of supplier or manufacturer.

We're Obsessed with Process Automation

We admit it, we’re obsessed. We’re obsessed with creating insight, improving complex business processes and ensuring your
cyber resiliency year after year.