Shifting your manual and project-based business operations to managed operational technology is the best thing you can do for your business. 

Operational technology (OT) uses a mix of software and hardware to detect any possible defects in the manufacturing process and allows better control of machinery and industrial assets. Shifting to OT enables you to achieve leaner, more efficient operations. A well set up digital environment can also get you better control of your business operations. 

When making the transition from conventional operations to managed OT services, hire a trusted OT solution provider like us.  Here’s what you should consider before hiring. 

Qualification and Experience

Your managed OT service provider should have the qualifications and expertise in this domain. You don’t want an inexperienced provider bringing your operations to a screeching halt. 

Also, look for a provider that has experience in your particular industry. A service provider that has worked with companies similar to yours will be your best choice. 

Support Services

With the new managed OT system in place, you may encounter new problems you have little experience with. In this scenario, you will need support services to resolve issues that crop up. Find a managed OT service that offers training and other support services to help you kick start your journey. 

Updates and Upgrades

The installed system may need to undergo updates at regular intervals. Your service provider should give you timely updates to ensure the smooth running of your operations. 

With new technology, your system may also be upgraded entirely. In this case, the service provider should be equipped with the tools necessary for system upgrades with minimal downtime. These upgrades can help you stay in line with the most current practices in the industry. 

Woman working with operational technology.

Recovery Systems

Ideally, you don’t want any operational downtime. However, machines and systems can fail and slow down your business operations. If you want to avoid these problems, make sure to hire a service that has a properrecovery system in place. This will help you reduce your downtime while ensuring that your operations run smoothly. 

Switching to Managed OT can prove to be the best business move you make.  Start your journey now with our team at Dexcent. We offer IT and OT engineering solutions to a wide range of customers. We also ensure that your new system is safe and functional all the time through our timely OT cybersecurity solutions. Our managed industrial operation services can help your business become lean, agile, and efficient. 

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