As the IoT continues its journey in the digital era, more companies have started to leverage the technology for enhancing their businesses.

Businesses generally rely on mobile virtual network operators (MNVO) and mobile network operators (MNO) for operating their IoT networks. This gives rise to numerous concerns such as data security, data rate, and unforeseen outages.

To resolve this issue, more organizations want to develop their personalized IoT network connectivity. An in-house dedicated network can significantly help enterprises acquire more control over the matter. 

IoT Connectivity Strategy

Today, enterprises are generally looking for simple strategies for IoT adoption that offer minimum risk to accomplish their projects goals and to get them live, rather than just connecting them to the cloud.

IoT has significantly transformed the business world. Still, IoT connectivity solutions such as cloud integrations, robust partner networks, and development tools are only possible if enterprises implement ENO instead of the regular communication networks. 

Enterprise Network Operator (ENO)

Today, Enterprise Network Operator has emerged as analternative for MNO and MNVO. Simply put, it’s a combined network solution for enterprises that need more control. It increases the global reach but is more a more flexible and innovative approach. 

An Enterprise Network Operator allows businesses to build, operate and manage their own IoT network — thus offering network as a service (NaaS) to enterprises.

Simply put, through the NaaS model, Enterprise Network Operator provides tailor-made solutions to enterprises to combat their business requirements and acquire greater control over their IoT connectivity. 

How Can Network Ownership Help Enterprises?

Network ownership can bring tremendous improvements in business operations, such as

  • Network ownership allows businesses to build a network according to their requirements.
  • Organizations can increase their visibility despite the growing network traffic. 
  • Enterprises can improve the quality of service (QoS) of their IoT network and they’ll be able to run high-priority operations under limited network capacity.
  • Companies can scale their business globally, while mitigating the connectivity costs.
  • Companies can reduce cybersecurity risks and develop a safe network for their business. 

The Bottom-line

internet of things

Businesses can take control of their IoT connectivity by employing ENO. If you are looking for reliable network connectivity solutions, feel free to contact us.At Dexcent, we have a team of expert engineers and technical consultants who can provide you all-around industrial process control systems and IoT cybersecurity services with a detailed assessment of your specific business requirements.