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How DAAS Works
The Dexcent Asset Analytics System (DAAS) is the Dexcent flagship solution for asset management.

DAAS works with time series data to effectively report asset or process performance degradation and failure events before they become alarms. Dexcent clients rely on the solution’s unique ability to perform complex asset monitoring without data extrapolation, and with no skipped or prematurely terminated calculations, to deliver accurate, actionable asset analytic results for conditions that may span days, weeks, or months.

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The Dexcent Asset Analytics System (DAAS) represents a new way of looking at your assets, your asset health monitoring, and your condition-based reliability programs; it represents a view more in line with how you and your operators see the world and how experts, technicians, and OEMs react to a situation. DAAS simplifies how you connect, access, and communicate; it means having access to experts and a safer, more productive, and engaged workforce – all through a single community-based platform that is built with ensuring that the return on your investment is maximized.

DAAS is a OEM neutral, model based asset monitoring platform that utilizes data from historian repositories to detect and report asset failure events before they become critical alarms or catastrophic failures.

  • DAAS does not rely on the OEM’s operating envelopes as the basis for determining an event or developing condition. As most reliability engineers involved in root cause analysis will attest, by the time the asset has reached the pre-defined manufacturers’ limits the damage is likely already done, or significant damage has been done to warrant greater parts and repair costs, but perhaps not quite to the degree of catastrophic failure. The DAAS product line looks at the same subtle changes that the reliability engineers or equipment technicians observe in their forensic analysis ocurring days or weeks before a critical failure. These same engineers asked us, “Why can’t we catch these as early as we see them in the root cause analysis?
  • DAAS not only tells you what is going wrong but tells you far enough in advance that you not only save repair and downtime costs, you save as much as possible because issues can be identified while the cost to rectify the issue is at its lowest.
  • DAAS is manufacturer neutral, with no vested interest in selling parts, repairs, or specialized optimization services. Dexcent is unconstrained by asset type, giving you a broader, system of systems, asset health picture.
  • DAAS utilizes asset data collected through wired or wireless protocols to deliver unique prescriptive analysis and notifications. Leveraging the power of data historians, Dexcent is able to provide the same simple, single value alarms and trend views that are common in the industry.  More importantly, DAAS delivers complex, multi-value degradation analysis; multi-level notifications; cumulative event tracking that can span shifts, days, weeks, even months; and data driven, persistent, condition monitoring that integrates with CMMS workflow and escalation systems.
  • The DAAS platform changes how you view your assets by taking the holistic, single prescriptive analytics engine approach that all assets, procedures, and processes are collections of inter-related data points. Recognizing that assets seldom work in total isolation, and that a problem with one asset may impact another asset of a completely different type, DAAS looks at potential issues from the unit level as well as those from the asset itself.
  • It has been a long standing challenge for companies seeking to implement prescriptive analysis to resolve issues caused by gaps in the streaming data feed. These gaps cause calculations to be prematurely terminated, or skipped entirely. The common approach – extrapolation of the missing values – results in inaccuracy and a lack of confidence in the results.  The DAAS platform has taken the guesswork out of the equation, delivering real results, based on real data values, in near real time.
  • When it comes to asset management, organizations will often accept a vendor supplied system that only monitors that vendor’s particular asset(s). Each asset vendor may offer a similar system, also monitoring only their own assets. These systems operate in isolation – reporting only the conditions relevant to them. They are unable to correlate inputs from the collective of assets that constitute the whole. Your IT/OT department is tasked with supporting multiple AMS solutions when all you want is a single source for all asset health information. DAAS is OEM neutral, bringing all monitoring into one application and integrating the results with your pre-existing AMS, CMMS, Notification, or Integrated Control Systems.
  • Earlier detection of potential issues, and being able to monitor long running, slow degradation events, allows DAAS to turn reactive, just in time repairs into proactive, planned maintenance activities. The DAAS platform enables the enterprise to more effectively manage labour and capital resources to meet fluctuating, often unpredictable, maintenance demands.
  • We view people as your most important assets and protecting people your main concern. DAAS can monitor a wide range of operating procedures – detecting and reporting unsafe practices as they happen rather than waiting for end of shift, or end of month, safety reports and meetings.

DAAS is a unique new approach and with it Dexcent has developed an equally unique business and pricing model. For more information, please contact us, we’d be happy to show you the DAAS advantage.

How DAAS Works