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Analytics & Information

Whether the need is managing knowledge, integrating business data with operational data, or responding to new business requirements driven by market mergers and acquisitions, Dexcent’s team of professionals and its partners provide data-driven solutions to operational intelligence needs resulting in a powerful advantage to industries.

Operational Intelligence for Industries

System Assessment and Planning

Deliver a manufacturer neutral assessment of the entire system; indentify gaps, and provide roadmaps to reach targets.

As a OEM-neutral company, Dexcent assessments on operational intelligence look not only at how your data flows through your systems, but also examines how the data is used to ensure that the data you are getting is the data you need to make effective, informed decisions.

Architecture and Design

Expertise in developing mature data driven architectures.

Understanding of how data is used by different consumers and business levels enables Dexcent’s team of professionals to supply the data needed, when you want it, and in the context you need.

Asset Monitoring and Data Management for Industries

If you can connect it and measure it, you can manage it

The data collected from the multitude of sources available today provides true business and operational value only when the information is integrated into your network and made available to all end users in an actionable manner.  Dexcent’s operational intelligence and holistic asset maintenance system offers the full range of data management services required to design, collect, validate, store, and distribute information to the business and operational consumers.

Data System Integration

Integrate process data with the enterprise model to effectively use investments.

From the device to the dashboard, from the field to the enterprise level, Dexcent provides design, procurement, and maintenance services to integrate the process data model with the enterprise/business model to effectively use all your investments in the way they were intended.

Data Validation & Data Quality

Ensure data from the source to the screen is correct in both values and context.

Do you trust the data you base your decisions on? Information is only beneficial to operations, or to the business, when the integrity of the data is beyond question. Leveraging our experience with control, infrastructure, and information systems the Dexcent team ensures that the data from the source to the screen is correct in both values and context.

Asset Monitoring all in 1 place.

If you don’t see it in context with the right KPIs, how are you managing your plan and asset operations?

The business value of the investment in your collection and maintenance of process data is best realized when that information can be leveraged to support efficient decision making. From sophisticated multi-level control centre dashboards to truck dispatch consoles to process area interfaces, Dexcent’s asset analytics system delivers the right information, at the right time, and in the correct context to support effective actions.


Develop single-process unit views, area monitoring dashboards, and complete operational KPI monitoring solutions.

Taking your data from device to dashboard, the team develops single process unit views; area monitoring dashboards; and complete operational performance monitoring solutions. Dexcent’s team of professionals deliver the asset data you need to monitor and manage your operations.


Automated, custom-built reports give you the data you need in the format that you want.

Meaningful reporting is key to all operations. Whether the report forms a work order, your daily operating report, or is the basis for your quarterly department summary, from the plant to the shop to the CEO, the reporting of information keeps your business moving. Dexcent understands that in order for information to be truly effective in guiding your decisions it must be timely, accurate, and presented in context.

Actionable Events Monitoring

Enable multi-level awareness for all operational processes from anywhere in the world.

Whether it is the DAAS platform or custom developed event monitoring solutions, the Dexcent data team understands the power the analyses results can have for your operations. A key principle driving the team is the appreciation that if we are not producing outcomes that result in some sort of action, we are just producing noise.

Intelligent Asset Management and Maintenance

Effective asset management is essential to support condition-based maintenance programs, autonomous operation, and centralized control centre objectives. The effectiveness of an asset management program is dependent on the integrity of the supporting data and ultimately the sensors and instrumentation data that is available. Bad data, gaps in the data flow from devices, and unavailable sensor data can each result in failure of monitoring algorithms, in turn reducing confidence in the outcome, resulting in ineffective or incorrect decisions.  Dexcent’s team of professionals are leaders in the field of advanced predictive asset analytics, retrofitting equipment with the necessary sensors, and the delivery of reliable results – expertise gained in some of the most extreme asset environments in the world.

In addition to working with clients to ensure quality data and data algorithms are available to support operational decisions and maintenance planning, Dexcent takes asset management to the next level with the Dexcent Asset Analytics System(DAAS).

Analytics and Exploration

Smart tools that enable you to interactively and quickly analyze your data, whether for process or business needs.

Have you pulled your hair out troubleshooting a calculation result only to find that the source device was improperly configured? Was the input value needed buried in a data silo somewhere? Are you getting the data you need to make informed asset decisions? Are operational silos hampering efforts to create an asset information model? From control devices to the control center Dexcent, with it’s cross discipline expertise, has the experts to deliver a vendor neutral assessment of your entire system providing the plans and roadmaps to get you where you need to be.

Asset Modeling

Deliver designs that are effective as industries move to autonomous operations

As industry moves toward autonomous or semi-autonomous operations the need for accurate asset modeling is increasingly important. Whether it is a PI Asset Framework Hierarchy with asset templates or more traditional asset modelling, Dexcent’s team of professionals has a reputation of delivering designs that work.

Prescriptive Analytics

We are an OSIsoft integrator and implement prescriptive analytics using the PI Asset Framework.

Do you have a PI data archive and want to apply some prescriptive analytics but don’t require a full DAAS implementation?  As a OSIsoft Integrator, Dexcent can assist with implementing prescriptive analytics using your PI Asset Framework and PI Event Frames.