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Health and Safety at Dexcent

The management of Dexcent is committed to Occupational Health and Safety. This includes the protection of personnel, equipment, material, the environment and the public from loss caused by incidents. In fulfilling this commitment, we will provide and maintain a safe and healthy work environment by following acceptable business practices, complying with regulatory requirements, and striving to eliminate all foreseeable hazards.

Dexcent has a comprehensive health and safety manual outlining company policies, safe work practices and processes, and standards to ensure adequate hazard identification, control, and worker training. All management and supervisory personnel must demonstrate their commitment to this policy at all times and are responsible for taking those actions they deem necessary to ensure compliance with all standards, procedures, guidelines, and processes arising out of this policy.

Dexcent also subscribes to services through third-party vendors such as ISNetworld, Comply Works & Avetta to review the health and safety program for their clients. By collecting self-reported conformance information from Dexcent and other organizations, verifying its accuracy and reporting the results in an easy to follow on line format, these global resources help in connecting corporations with safe, reliable contractors and suppliers from capital–intensive industries.

All employees and contractors are responsible for adherence to company health and safety rules and standards while performing their work, and for taking measures to ensure their own safety and that of other personnel and the public. Dexcent will support our personnel in every way possible in achieving a safe and incident-free workplace.

For more information on our Health and Safety practices, contact us at safety@dexcent.com.

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