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Company Details:

  • World-class gold producer driven by responsibility and innovation.
  • Company’s portfolio of long-lived, high quality gold assets throughout the Americas makes them well positioned to deliver long-term sustainable value.
  • Operates four mines in Canada, one in Argentina and one in Mexico, and has two joint venture mines.

Business Issues:

  • Transfer of custody of the OT infra from the ICS team to the IT team identified deep OT knowledge ‘gaps’ within the client’s IT staff.
  • Required a comprehensive evaluation of the operating state at 6 mine sites which lacked current drawings and documentation;
  • Evaluate the current-state of the OT infrastructure to an established cyber security framework.

Service Delivery Approach:

  • Assessing security posture (performed on-site);
  • Assessing risk posture (performed on-site);
  • Assessing existing protection levels in the environment;
  • Documenting recommendation necessary to achieve the target protection levels.

Major Deliverable:

  • Assessment Report: consisting of including recommended actions based on gaps for security (technical) and protection (maturity) levels.
  • Red-line: Field level OT and controls equipment and infrastructure drawing updates.