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Managed Engineering Services

Managed Engineering Services

Dexcent offers managed services for the industrial ‘plant’ environment. Dexcent, with its experience and vast portfolio of services spread across industries and service lines, has the necessary capabilities to deliver services in a managed mode. The Dexcent Managed Engineering Services model offers a phase-wise transition of the client’s services into a managed mode, with the motto of continuous improvement. The model focuses on each and every element in detail and addresses the issues.

Dexcent’s Managed Engineering Services is underpinned by the following ideologies:

  • Resource optimization
  • Manage end-to-end client services
  • Metrics driven cost savings in
    • Throughput Management;
    • Downtime Management;
    • Capability Improvement; and
    • Variability Reduction.

These ideologies lay the foundation for the phase-wise managed engineering service framework. All the different elements in the framework are in sync with these ideologies, thus making it a unified offering.

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