Industrial Infrastructure

Whether our clients are implementing converging technology solutions, establishing proven industrial compliant workflow processes, pursuing alignment between IT and ICS for the first time, or looking for post implementation “fine tuning” of their existing industrial infrastructure operations, Dexcent’s team of professionals provide step-by step support to achieve their industrial goals.

Industrial Ethernet Networking

Industrial Ethernet Networking services are focused on achieving high availability and secure integration of Industrial Ethernet Systems and Network Architecture with the convergence of Information Technology (IT) and Industrial Control Systems (ICS) called Operational Technology (OT). The result is  a single, unified, secure network architecture that capitalizes on operational and transactional data to improve enterprise supply chain performance.

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Industrial Cyber-Hardening

Are you connecting your stable, reliable pre-internet plant control systems with the post-internet world? Our new connected world is full of professional hackers trying to access your system to see how much damage they can do to your performance, production, or people. The evaluation and implementation of hardening technologies on Industrial Automation and Control systems is critical to achieving the goal of detecting and remediating system vulnerabilities with the least impact possible to operations.

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Cyber-Security Compliance Assessment

The objective of Dexcent’s assurance review is to provide to its industrial client an independent assessment relating to the effectiveness of their cybersecurity countermeasures, cybercrime prevention mechanisms, incident management processes, policies, procedures and governance activities. Dexcent’s methodology identifies existing compliance gaps within the Industrial Control System (ICS) and provides expert recommendations for effectively managing control system network security risks and maintaining plant operations in compliance with industry standards and regulatory requirements (e.g. ISA99, NERC-CIP, NIST). Dexcent’s goal is to make sure our client’s ICS network infrastructure environment is operating in a safe, secure, consistent, and reliable manner.

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