Industrial Information

Whether the need is managing knowledge, integrating  business data with operational data, or responding to new business requirements driven by market mergers and acquisitions, Dexcent’s team of professionals and its partners provide data-driven solutions resulting in a powerful advantage to their users.


Data Management

The data collected from the multitude of sources available today provides true business and operational value only when the information is integrated into the network and made available to all end users in an actionable manner.  Dexcent offers the full range of data management services required to design, collect, validate, store, and distribute information to the business and operational consumers.

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The business value of the investment in your collection and maintenance of process data is best realized when that information can be leveraged to support efficient decision making. From sophisticated multi-level control centre dashboards to truck dispatch consoles to process area interfaces, Dexcent delivers the right information, at the right time, and in the correct context to support effective actions.

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Asset Management

Effective asset management is essential to support condition-based maintenance programs, autonomous operation, and centralized control centre objectives. The effectiveness of an asset management program is dependent on the integrity of the supporting data and ultimately the sensors and instrumentation data that is available. Bad data, gaps in the data flow from devices, and unavailable sensor data can each result in failure of monitoring algorithms, in turn reducing confidence in the outcome, resulting in ineffective or incorrect decisions.

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