Control Systems

New automation technologies and industry trends have been expanding the scope and value of automation.  We understand the fit-for-purpose nature of this highly complex environment and being vendor neutral allows Dexcent’s team of professionals to ensure that inter-compatibility of products and technologies are the design principles we use to engineer solutions which are unbiased, non-proprietary, standardized, flexible and expandable.

It is our job to help our clients understand their options and to help them evaluate, design, implement and maintain a reliable and cost effective solution.

Electrical & Instrumentation

Electrical and Instrumentation components are the foundational building blocks of any automation system. When sizing, selecting and designing measurement, analytical, safety or control applications, Dexcent understands the fit-for-purpose nature of the hardware, instrumentation, communication protocol and supporting power and protection systems.  During the design of a new or retrofit system, Dexcent can further support you in developing the best possible power designs, reducing process risks and increasing your control system life.

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Modern automation systems have evolved into an Integrated Control and Safety System consisting of a distributed system with control and safety functionality.  Adding to this complexity is the convergence of the OT and ICS infrastructure and the under rated importance of a well-designed HMIs.  Dexcent invests in developing highly specialized, cross domain-skilled and diverse teams capable of delivering technical and consultative expertise. In providing control system services, Dexcent has built a team of skilled engineers with practical know-how of most major automation platforms used today.

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Other Control System Services and Solutions

New automation technologies and industry trends have been expanding the scope and value of automation. These solutions are also included as part of our service offerings.

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