Dexcent is a full service engineering solutions provider. We take a systematic approach to developing comprehensive solutions for our clients; guiding projects from conception through engineering and construction. We focus on collaboration and communication throughout the process to achieve mutual success for our clients and our firm.

Industrial Information

Whether the need is managing knowledge, integrating business data with operational data, or responding to new business requirements driven by market mergers and acquisitions, Dexcent’s team of professionals and its partners provide data-driven solutions resulting in a powerful advantage to their users.

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    Industrial Infrastructure

    Whether our clients are implementing converging technology solutions, establishing proven industrial compliant workflow processes, pursuing alignment between IT and ICS for the first time, or looking for post implementation “fine tuning” of their existing industrial infrastructure operations, Dexcent’s team of professionals provide step-by step support to achieve their industrial goals.

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    Control Systems

    New automation technologies and industry trends have been expanding the scope and value of automation.  We understand the fit-for-purpose nature of this highly complex environment and being vendor neutral allows Dexcent’s team of professionals to ensure that inter-compatibility of products and technologies are the design principles we use to engineer solutions which are unbiased, non-proprietary, standardized, flexible and expandable.

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    Project Services

    There are many options for the design, implementation and operation of automation systems. Effectively managing this environment requires proper tools and workflows. Dexcent’s team is knowledgeable in using sound management of change business processes to facilitate finding critical information from the live control system and augmenting the existing work practices with more robust tools and processes to increase the overall effectiveness and productivity of personnel, as well as to help identify future risks and prevent potential incidents.