The Dexcent Asset Analytics System (DAAS) is the Dexcent flagship solution for asset management. DAAS works with time series data to effectively report asset or process performance degradation and failure events before they become alarms.  Dexcent clients rely on the solution’s unique ability to perform complex asset monitoring without data extrapolation, and with no skipped or prematurely terminated calculations, to deliver accurate, actionable asset analytic results for conditions that may span days, weeks, or months.

DAAS Services

  • DAAS sales, upgrades, and renewals
  • Installation, configuration, and event monitoring
  • Asset Instance Component development
  • DAAS Support

DAAS is a highly scalable, vendor neutral enterprise level software solution for the prescriptive analysis of asset or process data. DAAS performs analytical calculations in near real time, generating event notifications and escalations that are immediately actionable. DAAS output can be directed to multiple end points including business ERP systems, plant maintenance systems, and dispatch and operator panels.    Read More >