Dexcent's mission is built on the realization that automating a business is a key differentiator for our clients to remain competitive in today’s global economy – it is that realization that shapes our Mission which is to:


"Provide our clients' with intelligence about their industrial systems, empowering them to make the ‘right’ decisions at the ‘right’ time to optimize their business operations.”



Our passionate, committed, knowledgeable and professional staff will help inspire, educate and problem-solve for our clients while ensuring that at all times work conducted is performed in a safe and effective manner.

Core Values

At Dexcent, all aspects of our work are driven by our core values.  Our values are the foundation upon which we build our future, the future of our employees and the future of our clients.

  • Growing relationships with our employees, partners, and clients founded on trust, respect and integrity;
  • Working with people that have passion for the work they perform, and the ingenuity to see things differently;
  • Delivering unparalleled services through our flexibility and commitment;
  • Delivering services that value: individuals and interactions, balanced with processes and tools;  working solutions balanced with documentation;  client collaboration balanced with contract negotiation; change response balanced with following a plan.